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7 Top Wedding Tips For The Groom

As a specialist wedding planner, I have observed many grooms in the the build to their Wedding Day. Here are my 7 top do’s & don’t to help you have the best day ever!

1. Do have an opinon

This is your wedding too, so get in on the planning. Pick a few things that interest you (food? the music?). Give your opinion on the major planning points; it will let your fiance know that she is not in this alone.

2. Do give her a break

If she is doing the majority of the planning for your wedding, she is probably bordering on wedding overload. You need to make sure that she does not have an ulcer (or a grudge!) by the time she walks down the aisle.

3. Do be a buffer

If your mum is calling your fiance every hour to talk about the wedding, your mission is to keep the peace. Call your mum and let her know that while you appreciate her interest and excitement, it is your wedding and she needs to give you two some planning space.

4. Do get some help

Has your fiance really hit the wall? Suggest hiring a planner to help with the planning. Your consultant will handle all the little details that neither you nor your bride will want to deal with, and it will be a relief to have a professional on hand.

5. Don’t add insult

Your fiance may complain about her mum who is being a control freak, or about her uncle who wants to bring his new girlfriend. Do not join in on the family bashing. Hear her out, agree with her, but do not take this opportunity to tell her the things about her family that annoy you. Her bad mood will pass, but your comments may stick.

6. Do not forget

Do not forget to give the rings to the best man, make sure he knows his role on the day. Guiding guests as they arrive, and being your back up.

7. Do not forget the gift

On the day of your wedding, send your bride a gift, flowers, or a sweet note to read while she is getting ready. Gifts for the bridal party always go down well; gifts for the Mums and Dads can be presented during your speech.

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