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Top 7 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding

Everyone knows planning your wedding can be stressful. As a wedding planner, I have some insight into how I think you can eliminate some of the most common causes of stress during the planning process.

1. Choose Your Bridal Party Wisely

The last thing you want is a bridesmaid or groomsman who is prone to drama; making things all about them, or an overly-opinionated maid of honour forgetting whose day it is. (Happens a lot)

2. Budget

Set a budget that you are comfortable with. Prioritise what is most important to you as a couple, and budget each item on the list accordingly. Although having a little flexibility can help (because sometimes when you find the dream shoes you just have to have them).

wedding shoes

3. Who To Invite

Decide where the cut-off is in terms of relatives. You set the rules. If you decide no plus-ones you haven’t met, or up to first cousins only, stick to it. Family will always have an opinion, but it is yours that counts.

4. It’s All About You!

Don’t feel bad about reminding any over-opinionated family members that it is your day, and although you appreciate their opinion, you will ultimately go with what you as a couple want. Many brides/grooms are eager to please, agreeing to things that they didn’t want, and end up being disappointed. It should be your dream day, no one else’s.

5. Music

Good music can make all the difference between an empty or overflowing dance floor. My advice is trust your band and/or DJ. Decide on a list of, say, twenty must-play songs, then allow the professionals to keep the party going.

6. Kids Or No Kids? That Is The Question

Deciding not to have children at your wedding can be controversial. If you decide that you do not want to invite kids, make it clear from the start. You do not need to justify your reasoning, it is your choice. If you decide to include children, then I advise including something to keep them busy during the day. For example; consider an activity table with various items available, such as puzzles, activity books and/or sweet treats, etc.

7. Boiling Point

The closer the date gets, the more there is to finalise and confirm. The list can be overwhelming. Not to mention all the demands, opinions, and expectations from family. Take time out before the wedding as a couple, to remind yourselves why you are doing it all.